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FREE QUIZ: What is Your Unique Social Media Personality?"

Take the FREE QUIZ now to discover your online personality type, reveal your bespoke visibility & client attraction strategy & receive your tailored social media success report.

FREE GUIDE: "Social Media  Marketing for Responders"

 For introverts & Generators & Manifesting Generators in Human Design who want to increase your reach, become a stand-out authority & attract more enquiries, leads & sales on social media - with ease.

FREE PDF: "Write Sizzling Sales Page Copy" Frameworks

Make child's play of writing compelling copy for your sales pages, so you go to the heart of your ideal clients' wants & needs & their eagerness & excitement to buy your offer grows with every line.


Sizzle & Sell on Social Copywriting Course

Write sizzling social media sales posts that clearly communicate the value of what you sell so you stop hearing crickets when you promote your offers online & more of your followers become buyers!

Generators & Projectors' Human Design Toolkit

The ultimate Toolkit to help you deepy understand how you are designed & your 'path of least resistance' to achieve success, so life & business becomes ease-ier & 'luckier' & you trust yourself to make the right decisions - every time.

Beginner's Guide to Gold Star Pro

8k+ word guide reveals what I wish I'd known before I started & the step-by-step guide to setting up funnels & automations in Gold Star Pro, so you avoid the mistakes I made that cost THOUSANDS in lost revenue!


100 Viral Content Canva Templates

(from Viral Marketing Stars®)

100 visual content templates for creating viral social media graphics in minutes! 

100 Canva Templates to Make Reels in Minutes

(from Viral Marketing Stars®)

100 Reels templates for creating viral Reels in 5 minutes or less! 

20 New Viral Content Templates Each Month

(from Viral Marketing Stars®) Batch 30 days of content in hours with new graphics, prompts & bonuses monthly.

Thrivecart (Order Forms, Bumps & Upsells)

All our online sales go through a Thrivecart order form or sales page. + offer bumps, upsells, downsells & more!

Collect Leads from Your Facebook Group Qs

Save your Facebook group question responses & collect email data in your CRM with Group Funnels software. 

Publer - Social Media Marketing Scheduling Tool

We use Publer to schedule my content on LinkedIn and Twitter. For Meta platforms we use their native schedulers.

Or... check out Gold Star Pro which comes with all the benefits of Thrivecart, Group Funnels & Publer baked in - and a LOT MORE! Trial it free for 14 days here...


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